Call for column publication by LawSphere
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About LawSphere

‘LawSphere’ is an online legal knowledge platform mainly aimed at law entrance exam aspirants, law students, professionals, and anyone who wants to learn the law. Our aim is to provide adequate and first-hand information about every important legal happening in India and around the world. We publish articles, blogs, Law reviews, case reviews, and much more legal information.

About Call for Column Publication

LawSphere is inviting all the enthusiastic writers out there to publish their column in the maiden “July Edition” of “THE LEGAL GAZETTE”, a magazine digitally published by LawSphere. Publish your column with our magazine and get recognition among our readers.


Authors from any field of study and any profession are eligible and can send their original and unpublished work to us for publication.

Guidelines regarding column writing

  • For the column writing the author is supposed to pick the topic themselves. Any area of interest to the author is welcomed in our column.
  • Your column should have a strong point, something our readers will want to discuss and share. This point, or thesis, should be clearly established at or near the top of the article. The topic must be of interest to a national audience.
  • Your column should be topical, meaning it must address the question, “Why is it important that I read this now?” And it must be sharply focused, meaning depth is better than breadth.
  • Provide enough background information to ensure that readers understand the context and relevance of your topic.
  • Do not dwell on “the problem;” our readers are already familiar with the problems facing higher education. Instead, focus on solutions, with lots of details and strong use of examples. A good guideline is to devote no more than 25% of your article to describing the problem, with the rest of the piece addressing ideas for overcoming the challenges.
  • Back up your thesis with research, examples, evidence and, where appropriate, quotes from authoritative sources. But remember that we are a magazine, not an academic journal.
  • If your point is controversial, be sure to recognize and refute the most obvious objections.
  • Keep in mind that our readers are looking for “news to use.” Include specific suggestions that they can implement, and possibly resources for additional information.
  • Write in a friendly, conversational voice. Avoid cliches, jargon, academic language and acronyms. (And no footnotes!)
  • Re-read your article to ensure that it is well-organized and persuasive.

Submission guidelines

  • The submission should be an original work of the author and not under the consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • TITLE: – Center align + Bold + Underlined + Text size 14 + Times new roman font.
  • BODY: – Justified + Text size 12 + Times new roman font + 1.5 line spacing.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited
  • The language of the submission must be English.
  • All entries must be submitted in .doc or .docx format.
  • The authors are supposed to send in the author’s bio in not more than 50-60 words with the article for the purpose of publication.

Important dates

  • Release of the brochure: 11th July 2021
  • Last date of registration: 30th July 2021
  • Last date of submission: 30th July 2021

Registration and submission details

  • The registration is completely free of cost.

Registration Form:

  • Submission is to be made via mail on
  • Mention “column submission for publication” as the subject of your email.
  • Submission must be made on or before 30th July 2021. No submission will be accepted post that.
  • Mention the following details in the email:
    • Name
    • Position (If student, mention your year of study, course name, and institute or university name.
    • Contact Number (preferably the one you use for WhatsApp)

For more details contact us:


Contact: 9264255324,9315009096, 6202462109

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